Mother, May I?

I was born a strong-willed human. My mother had no idea what to do with me at times. Having raised offspring myself, I now know her pain, and as all mothers know, we are somehow repaid for the transgressions of our youth.

This is a tribute … a love letter to my mother.

A woman once told me, when discussing children, they are “from the womb to the tomb.” Truer words were never spoken!

This is, in some way, me telling my own mother thank you … thank you for teaching me there is no gray area for integrity, no reason to not do-it-myself, that none can compare to the rare, unique, different, headstrong, frustrating girl I was. A sense of self was bestowed upon my crown – that I was a strong, capable woman who was taught to hold myself in high regard, not allowing small fragments of myself to be squandered. Am I fractured? Yes. Small bits gone to unworthy men, friendships that were toxic, time wasted trying to “change” someone…. Yes, and yes to all. But today, as I listened to my dear friend talk about a man she was dating, it hit me:  My mother ingrained a sense of confidence in me – though she and I often see things in polar opposites, and like any mother/daughter relationship it has its cracks and imperfections, but in the end she is the reason I am.

She taught me a plethora of things … the ability to march head-first into any situation and make it happen, to bake a good apple pie, to sew (I’m a good seamstress, but much to my mother’s chagrin, I never learned to sew with a pattern), if a boy has the courage to ask for a dance you do, always take the high road, bring a ham to grieving families, write thank-you notes, make a perfect poached egg, the love of all things old (particularly blue and white china), to fold a bottom sheet properly, to make a comfortable home – make it beautiful no matter the budget, kindness is important, manners matter and are the calling card of your upbringing, never take the last of anything without asking, how to make killer fried chicken, the love of reading, and to appreciate those who came before me and paved the way….

I have fallen on my arse more times than I like to remember, but remember I do:  There is someone out there who may not understand me, approve of my choices or agree, but in the end truly loves me …

Happy Birthday, moosher.


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  1. To My Darling Daughter….thank you for such a loving tribute. No mother could ask for more! You are and always will be my wonderful, and favorite red-haired daughter! Yes, I know you’re my only red-headed daughter, but I remember when you were born, the nurse said “I think this ones a red head!” I said “Yes!” I was thrilled to have a girl, because I thought, maybe after two sons, that I might never get a daughter. I thought about Dad’s father, who had passed away by the time you were born, and how he probably was doing a little dance in heaven because he loved red-haired girls! I am proud to be your mother, proud of you and the woman you’ve become. Like your female ancestors, from pilgrims to pioneers, you are brave, honest, kind, loving, and most of all you are strong! Thank you darling daughter for being you! And thank you for this wonderful birthday gift! Love you more than you’ll ever know.

  2. Great read Liz, especially between the lines.
    It is a trade off for birthdays.❤️
    Love you❤️

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