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The Winsome Nest is a unique antiques & collectibles shop located in Walnut Grove, California, featuring a curated assortment of French country antiques and primitives. Now scheduling private shopping experiences! Visit us and delight your senses with our hand-selected inventory of unique pieces and hand-crafted products from around the region.

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Follow Liz’s personal story and ongoing quest for unique pieces that give a nod to the past, while bringing warmth and character to your home.

Old vs. New
There is a truth in the rough surfaces.
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Release: verb; 1
Recently there was a pitcher ... so special, so rare I flinched every time someone picked it up.
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It’s a Girl Thing
You know, it’s funny we get so caught up in what we THINK is important, and then, quite by chance, you realize you are but a grain of sand in the ocean.
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Winsome Nest

Winsome Nest