Reinventing the Wheel

Me, being said wheel; I am the age I am – doing what I am – and after all is said and done, I’m hanging onto the sides of the rollercoaster yelling, “YES! More please!”

As the next year in my life approaches, a sense of true gratitude, pride and total surrender washes over this older, wiser version of myself. True and real surrender to the grace I have been given to live this part of my life in more light than the first half.

Age? Years of not thriving, but barely surviving? Perhaps. Or, maybe I’ve learned that life is a privilege. Living well is our birthright at any station in life, and I’ve experienced both.

I’ve had the honor this week of talking with women: Lori, Jacki, Julie, Emily…. I found kindred spirits in these amazing women who touched me, made me grateful for small snippets of time to hear their lives, their passions, trials and victories.

This is where the reinventing comes in. We have all been thrown into this insane sea of what-the-hell?

But maybe the silver lining is just this simple:  This is a time to connect with each other in ways we would not have thought of five months ago. We (I, myself) were caught up in “our life,” and we didn’t have time to comfort, listen, encourage, learn and think of others in the way I find myself now doing. I’m a self-proclaimed woo-woo who knows people show up in the most amazing ways when we are open to it.

My challenge is to stop, be still, look and listen for guidance in who or what shows up. I have tested this all of my life, and it never ever fails me when I truly humble myself to be open to the answers … even when they come in the most unexpected ways.

We are all seeking the most basic of connections. If you silence the negative voices, you will be surprised at the lesson standing next to you in the store or the post office, the unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone when you only intended to place an order or schedule a repair. I hate, hate to say this … with all the yuck in the world right now, we are the most powerful allies we have! There truly is power in numbers. I write these verbs and adjectives not hoping to convince anyone this isn’t trying, irritating and absolutely crazy, but to reaffirm what I am amazed at each day…

You really can reinvent yourself (and the wheel) at any age! 

The next time you take a moment, pay attention to what’s outside of yourself. Remember, the person you perceive as being privileged or downtrodden might be there to teach you what you cannot see yourself!


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  1. As usual your blogs are wonderful! So thought provoking, and revealing of the woman you’ve become. I, too, at this time need to reflect on why I’m still here…what can I do to make the lives of my family and friends, and people around me, BETTER! My life has been full with a wonderful and life-long love, my forever sweetheart, your dad, you, your sister and brothers, my terrific and truly good children, my loving grand children and great grandchildren! I am so blessed, but I admit at my age I sometimes wonder what I could have done better to make
    other’s lives brighter. better, and fuller. Thank you for being the daughter you are. I am so grateful for my wonderful children! Thank you for making my life truly great!

    1. Mom, I am who I am because I had a smart, strong, woman teaching me what it means to be a woman and use my powers for good not evil!!
      I am so humbled by your words, you will never know what they mean to me. I love and appreciate all the sacrifice you and pops made for us. I love you moosher!!

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