It’s a Girl Thing

You know, it’s funny we get so caught up in what we THINK is important, and then, quite by chance, you realize you are but a grain of sand in the ocean.

These past weeks I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with women who speak the same language, have the same issues and join me in the love of the old and interesting, the not-so-perfect, the maybe-to-some “junk.” But to us, we see pure beauty, intrigue, history and a common love. An old basket that still bears its hardware, a flag that has stood the years of handling that once stood for something bigger than us.

I learned to connect and listen, truly listen (this is a skill – and one I sometimes take for granted) to the homes being built, the weddings that are going to happen or did a year ago, the friends with tattoos that bind them as girlfriends, the dear friends who are undergoing treatments for the evils of cancer. As I stood and listened to these women, I was instantly aware we all have amazing stories – past and present – that need to be regaled and shared, and on occasion we realize we have so much more in common than we know.

To these women who have graced my threshold, I say “Thank You!” Your kindness, your loving what I love, the stories you shared, the Netflix series you suggested, the latest book, a great account to follow, recipes, cocktails, what you have done in these three months of not so much….

A common thread we share is not wasted on me. Thank you for showing up, for showing such kindness and grace to this new kid (winsome what?) but mostly for welcoming me to the cool girls’ table!


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