Self Doubt!

I have to admit – by all accounts I am a confident woman, but when the worry of doubt starts to creep in, I sometimes succumb.

As I lay my heart out in the open for all to see, through doing what I adore, love, cherish and find great personal satisfaction in doing … I wonder … how will it be received? Have I done enough? Will they like it, get it, or care?

Then I straighten my shoulders, adjust my crown, and remember who and what I can do! And then just like that I’m back living in my own little world.

I want to thank … My darling husband: For dinners made, cocktails brought tub-side, for doing so much for me. You have made me happier than I’ve ever thought possible! My daughter Nichole, who started this venture with me, who has believed in her mother and been the best friend I could ever in a million years ask for – you have encouraged me, helped me, translated social media and mostly talked me down and through to where we are today. My sister, as I looked around today, there she was again by my side doing whatever I ask, with a happy heart, and is funnier than any human I know! G! You know who and why and how I love you!!!

Without you all, none of the beauty that is found within the pages of our little nest would be what it is.

To those of you that have followed along from the start, have been kind enough to take time to send me a note, to be excited to come and shop at my store – I’m honored and humbled.

Without a collective group of amazing humans, none of this would be happening for me. It truly takes a village, and I am one lucky chief!


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Winsome Nest

Winsome Nest