The Love of the Game

Feeling the rough edges, seeing where a chair has been worn to fit its owner, defines the outline of time.

Stairs that sing a song of age with every step.

I’m often asked when did I start collecting. As so many of us know, was there a time I wasn’t?

My first major purchase was an old mantelpiece. It has become an old friend that has seen the reflection of my children’s young faces, chew marks from my beloved dogs, a connection to past lives, mine and those who came before.

I find great beauty in the story of simple pieces. The ones that have seen families gather for generations, and the talks that happen only at dinner tables. The ornate that have shown reflections of brides on their wedding days, the graying of hair and deep lines of a lifetime.

I am a mere custodian to all the things that come my way. I have always known we are more connected to the past than we know.


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Winsome Nest

Winsome Nest