The Art of the Edit

I’m sure there have been volumes written, and many a word spoken and whispered at parties, about a hostess’s abilities (or lack thereof).

My eye has been the one constant in my life. As a small kid, I was called Becons, which was a moving company in the ‘70s. I recall having our neighbor’s teenage boys move things for me as a little girl (to the Dokendorf Boys: Thank you!). And I say with all sincerity, I’m still doing the same thing.

I have always known odd numbers work when creating vignettes, kind of like how you always need some oddballs to make life interesting.

There is an art form to putting nothing in a room but a few items, and making that look sophisticated and elegant.

I am in a constant state of editing. I have not conquered it yet, but still a student, and I’m in awe of people who have an “A+” sense of space and placement.

Try this trick:

  • Start with 3 items together. The trick is to use 3 different but similar things, of differing sizes and shapes. This is the odd and interesting.
  • Once you have mastered the triad, move to 5, then 7.
  • Height is, and has always been, the framework of a masterpiece. Look at it, and if it comes to you in an a-ha moment, follow your gut and build from there!

I absolutely love a vintage and modern look, bringing old and new together like a 4th-generation family photo. It fits; it’s comfort and stability.

None of this is reinventing the wheel, but in today’s crazy world, a little mindless puttering is good for the soul!


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