Subtle Elegance

I always try to mix things up at ether my home or shop. I consider my events an opportunity to have a party! I am a hostess at heart and find great joy in making others feel looked after, and special.

Simple elegance:  It can be translated in so many ways… cocktail weenies on fine china, high-end dinner party on mismatched dishware. I love having a taco truck roll up after an elegant cocktail hour. Love of the funk! Keep things simple, let the eye rest. Then without announcing it, throw in something so quirky, so unexpected that suddenly the room revolves around a weird vintage clown head from Mardi Gras (I actually have one!).

What do you want your home to say?

When you move into a new space, give the house time to tell you what it wants. Since I have the patience of a gnat, this is a challenge! I’m still a student, always on the lookout for cool, different things, especially things with age. There is a dealer out there who has a pair of clown shoes I covet; I would absolutely do a happy dance to find a production company selling off old weird props! Things dreams are made of….

Don’t get me wrong – I love that a well-thought-out interior showing the roads your life’s journey has taken you is unique only to you! I have been in some fabulous homes that are beautiful to look at, but the thought of sitting down and relaxing with the inhabitants is not appealing.

The finest compliment anyone could give me would be: – I’ve raised good humans (I adore my children and love hanging out with them); – I’m kind (working on this daily); – My home is welcoming and comfortable.

We say something when people enter our space. What do you want your space to say about you? Food for thought … keep it simple, easy, unfussy, and as one of my dear friends, a designer, once told me, “Space is a luxury.” For everyone saying yea, if you have it … there is always a way to make a room or space seem open and uncomplicated.

As I’m hanging, arranging, drawing and wondering what to give to my sweet customers that take the time to come see my shop (I am still shocked and humbled that you do) … I hope you feel the months of thought and love that goes into transporting you to another space somewhere where all the baggage of life is stacked neatly outside those red doors. I’m so grateful for all of your support, for showing up and allowing me the joy to do what I love.

I dedicate this season’s show to my darling niece Natalie:  A force, a fighter, an accomplished young mother whom I have always been in awe of. How I wish I could take you to Paris this Spring!!


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