This Old House

What if a building – a structure, domain, dwelling – is more than the sum of brick, nails and wood it’s made of?

What if the history of a place repeats itself … continues to nurture and embrace bringing human beings together as it has through a century?

The structure I am referring to is our old funky, squeaky-floored, unlikely place that found me when I didn’t know I needed it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I resisted this building for the home of my beloved Winsome Nest, fought for the idea of what I thought I wanted. Ahhhhh but this old gal knew what I needed!

The translation engraved on the thick marble slabs, put there almost a century ago, reads: “Those who enter to do good deeds with a pure heart will always prosper with good fortune.” A quote in a fortune cookie … how pedestrian of me to think so. Last night it hit me like a ton of bricks: These words are powerful! They were placed there with great intent.

Our small community is close-knit; we know and like our neighbors, including the ladies who routinely meet up the third Thursday of every month (except pear and cherry season!). I was handed the gauntlet … joining this group with the purchase of our home … from the matriarch who started it years before.

We in this group have not seen each other for more than five months, for obvious reasons. As we gathered Thursday night to talk, laugh, drink, eat and just be girls, I watched this circle of amazing women – each one spectacular in her own way – talk of grandchildren, books, wine, husbands (bless their hearts) our children, lost dogs, walking the Delta, homes being sold … I realized this old building has done what it has always done: Bring people together to find the common ground of life. 

I left lifted up, having laughed harder than I have in a while. Feeling a new appreciation for this funky little studio on the Delta with its rich history of people who came through its doors – just like us – with hardships, celebration, friendships, and the burden of life upon their shoulders.

But mostly for the sisterhood of the Delta; although we did not invent it, we embrace and cultivate it, knowing each one of us would be there for the other without hesitation.

To my Delta sisters, I write these words from my heart to yours. 

Thank you for embracing me, that crazy redhead who this man, reared in the Delta, brought back home. For including me in your lifelong friendships, lunches… my senseis (Linda, Cathy, Nancy), for the garden club (Janice, I’m still giggling), for teaching me the skill set needed to live in a small town (Mary, Debbie, I am forever grateful), for showing me your cool artsy, woo-woo side (Julie), for supporting my dream of having a cool little shop (all of you!) but most of all for being those girls on the playground of life.


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  1. Absolutely heartfelt and such a moving piece to share with all of us- those reared in the precious Delta and those who have been spirited here through divine intervention.
    Thank you for your gift of words that speak to each of us in our needed moments. I personally look forward to meeting you. I love your entire collection and sharing your heart❤️

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