syn-er-gy: n., the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Building upon and keeping the momentum going – it’s amazing when you put it out there, stuff happens. Small cracks in windows become open double doors (antique of course). When we are open, vulnerable, curious, willing to keep rolling with all the bumps, twists and turns, and accept that we’re not in control … the shallow end becomes an endless pool of opportunity.

This year I have learned more about myself, humanity, surrender, reinvention and the true power of grace. The characteristics that I believed defined me are just that … “a belief.” I have found at the very basic core, we are all just trying to succeed, stay afloat, fake it, make it, love, edify our souls and care about those around us. All of this while trying to do the right thing.

There will be documentaries, volumes of literature written about the times we are experiencing for generations to come. History will look upon this with disdain, blame, fault, awe and in the end form their own opinions, as have we.

This is solely my observation … that little old me in this little ole town, in this little shop has recognized and come to believe for myself.    

Through all of the yelling, tears, disagreeing, debating, accepting, not accepting, agreeing, anger and the proverbial stomping … are we evolving into an antiquated 1950s, drive-in movies, board game-playing, popcorn-eating, cookie-baking, backyard sprinkler-running, dinner party-throwing group?

Could we be the closing scene in a movie where everyone comes together, the good guy prevails, and the true and honorable side of humanity shines through in the end? We all live happily ever after … the credits play and for a split second all is good in the world?

Being connected to family, morals, manners and the things that truly matter to you, to me … things that we were once too busy to notice, now are the joy and contentment we find in our day-to-day life.

Taking the time to feel and embrace, blocking out what we can’t endure at the moment, and re-emerging into it when we have the capacity to move forward.

Life can be very long if we are not just content in the skin that shields our deepest thoughts.

I often think when the dark, unbearable moments in life surface, there is much to learn to grow, reinvent, and explore … to run with wild abandonment through the fields of opportunity and choice.

This little studio in this little town on the Delta has given me so much more than a physical and monetary experience. It has taught me so much about myself, the things I can do, and the things I used to say I couldn’t.

I am constantly taught by other people … about myself, the world and the fact that I have not lost my faith in humanity, and that the talking heads are just that! They are figuring it out along the way just like us. 

I appreciate each and every person that has graced the doors of my building to show up for me, sharing little bits of themselves and therefore reminding me that I have so much more to learn.

Finding joy in the small, uncomplicated snippets of everyday life, canceling the tapes in our heads that tell us otherwise.

Be the hero in your own story … turn the pages on what’s not working, take baby steps to do something that feels right, better, no matter how small. The payoff, you ask? Try it – you might be blown away by the small stuff!


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