Move on, girl!

Moving the proverbial boulder up a mountain is how I can describe the homestretch to opening my shop.

My husband has the patience of Job! Without his pushing, cheering me on, letting me cry and act like a jerk, I would never have gotten to this point today.

There are snippets of time in one’s life when you want to freeze-dry the scene, to be savored much longer than the shelf life of being “in the moment.”

After the movers were done moving, pushing and shaking their heads – “Why the heck does she have an old window frame that weighs 100 pounds?” – I stood in the glory of what was before me. It took me by surprise as I felt tears in my eyes as each piece was found, dragged, stored, shoved and stacked like LEGO bricks.

Baskets I can’t imagine selling (yes, I have this problem!) … Tables, each one with a great story of not only where it has been, but of how I found it.

I stood looking at all the work that has been done to my sweet little building, and all of the inhabitants that will soon be someone’s favorite piece. It was a moment of gratitude, humility, and sheer and utter dancing of a happy jig! How I wish my father could have seen this; I think he’s dancing a jig, too!

I’ve had this shop in my head since I was 24, and all of a sudden there she is, in all her imperfect perfection.

A labor of love, yes, but the loveliest little nest … I am home!


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  1. Oh mom, I read this with tears in my eyes. Im beyond proud of you and the woman you are. You are right, grandpa would have been so proud of you and beyond thrilled that you have finally put all your talent into something that truly makes your heart sing. Your dream..The world is your Oyst wing! Love you!

  2. Shop not far – I am looking forward to the time I can go for a road trip and visit your amazing shop ❤️

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Winsome Nest

Winsome Nest