He Said, She Said …

A dear friend of mine once said being creative is wonderful until you have to be. I had no idea what she meant – she’s a fabulous designer, what could she mean?

As I’ve embarked on my business journey, I completely understand her meaning.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t come. Writer’s block, artists throwing their half-painted canvases away … it’s a thing.

So the sitting room lives on, although not as easily as I thought. Staring at walls, and looking through inspiration (I won’t look at Pinterest for ideas, always felt like I was ripping someone off), I found a wall mural online that was absolutely quirky, unexpected and just what the space needed.

After waiting for weeks, it arrived from Germany! It did not disappoint! I was worried it might be cheesy, but I soon learned after researching peel-and-stick wallpaper that wall art is the new old thing!

The sitting room that started as a standoff with my husband was now our Saturday-Sunday project. It definitely tells you everything you need to know about your relationship when working with a sticky and uncontrollable medium.

It came in two parts and had to be custom-fitted to the wall we chose. My husband quickly got into this, and after much back-and-forth I surrendered to his mathematical approach, abandoning my ascetics. He prevailed and was correct (ugh how it pains me!), but now we have a fabulous piece of art in an unexpected space.

So, when said creative juices do not flow but dry up, go to another source. It’s always surprising what lies on the other side.


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