Once Upon a Wallpaper…

My story is neither incredible nor typical; it’s just unique to me. The people who know it have often told me that I should tell it. So, here goes a small part of the story!

I have always been motivated by my environment – through every crappy rental, apartment and dorm room, including my childhood home. As a child, I was obsessed with having wallpaper! Marsha, Jan and Cindy had it, so why couldn’t I? My solution, much to my mother’s dismay, was stapling sheets to the wall. I was only 10, and in my defense they were the most beautiful, delicate flower pattern.

I knew how to sew by the time I was 12, which would come in handy in my mid-20s as a mother of three small children looking to make some extra money. I started, quite by chance, a one-of-a-kind, handmade bridal gown business. (It was very successful, with a year-and-a-half wait list.) After my 18-year marriage was over, I found myself single in my late 30s, and out of touch with everything except design and raising teenagers.

The thing I had, and have always had, is a good eye. I have always been able to look at a room and know how to make it special. My greatest fear in life is to become “of the norm,” so I am passionate about looking for the special, different and unique.

The fact that I survived a horrible divorce, raised three children alone and eventually found the man to whom I am now married, who has changed my life in so many ways, is what makes me appreciate everything in life, and every comfort that had been laid upon my table. One of those is my lovely little nest.

The Winsome Nest has been in the infant stage for years, and today it’s starting to take its first steps because of the wonderful people in this business who have opened doors for me (you know who you are!). I humbly and sincerely thank you and the universe for bringing me this little slice of heaven.

Next week, I will be regaling more of our journey as we begin renovations to The Winsome Nest’s new home in Walnut Grove’s historic Tong building.


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  1. Love your story and your talent and great eye for details. We here in Georgetown are starting down a similar path. Cliff & Judy Haybag had a dream and it is coming to life as Main Street Mercantile. Our opening will be March 1. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new venture. Let the fun begin!

  2. Wing! I’m so proud of you, you inspire me each day since you’ve given me life. The sky’s the limit wing. Love you!

  3. Lies! Jk….I remember that sheet. It stayed our “wallpaper” until the room became my own when you left home. So proud of you but we all knew Beacons would make something of herself. Love you sissy

  4. What a great story!! You do have a good eye and a talent to put your finds together in the most pleasing way!! I look forward to seeing this next part of your journey! Congratulations on your perseverance and for The Winsome Nest!!

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