Welcome Home

Walking into the home of someone, you instantly know a little more about them, have insight to who they are … a small sampling of a life lived … like a kid seeing your teacher at the store!

Warm cozy furniture just begging to be curled up on, photos of vacations and life’s milestones sprinkled throughout small meaningful trinkets. Books with their straight backs begging to be cracked and their stories told. Art, sculpture, fabrics, textures all cohabitating … singing a song only the inhabitants can sing.

I’ve started (who am I kidding, I’ve been working for weeks) to unpack treasures that have been awaiting cooler weather, colored leaves and all things fall! Working toward our Grand Opening in a few weeks, I find myself feeling both excited and overwhelmed. I’m a details freak … the devil really is in the detail!

I’ve prepared this sampling of fall for all of you just as I would welcome friends into my home for an intimate dinner. I have said so many times – I’m not versed in a lot of things, but hostessing is one of my joys, and I can “hostess with the mostest” alongside the best of them! I lay awake nights thinking of the little surprises I can give you, a calling card into my favorite time of year.

I hope you leave my funky little studio a little more inspired than you came in … burn a candle, bake a batch of something and “fall in love” with this time of the year.


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Winsome Nest

Winsome Nest