It’s You Again!

If I close my eyes, I can feel it, smell it … ahh, fall!

Always a bit melancholy and a little brooding, but she’s the season when you can still slip on a summer dress with a great sweater and wear boots or flats. She’s the girl who has all the best clothes, food and weather. Is there anything better?

This time of year is the perpetual yes/no for me: There is nowhere I’ve lived more beautiful than the Delta in autumn; but alas, summer’s carefree, always beautiful, easy boho vibe is a tough act to follow.

It also means change … ugh, change!! Don’t get me wrong, I love change – as long as it consists of moving furniture and replacing heavy wool rugs for airy jute!

Pulling out the thick velvets, wools, and dark, richer pillows and cozy throws is a bit like a rebirth. Welcome, but I’m never quite ready.

My father was born in the fall and always adored it. I always miss him just a little bit more this time of year.

In my childhood home, fall was a celebration! My mother arranging baskets, gourds and leaves, all sporting oranges and reds. She changed out the decor each season with the same excitement. Boxes were labeled with her perfect lettering, stacked and waiting for a turn to show off their splendors. I swore I could hear the contents exhale when they were opened.

The urge to make thick soups, bake, roast, roll and knead is instinctual in my family. (Like the bleaching, washing and scrubbing of everything the last three weeks of pregnancy always brought out in me.)

Don’t get me started on fall fashion! Every year since I could buy magazines as a teenager, I have anticipated the new fall boot, toe shape and heel height for the season, awaiting what the fashion powers-that-be chose the spring before to adorn us in.

I am inspired! This fall, after a sense of finding my footing, I am ready! Like Snow White after a long slumber, I’ve awoken with a passion for doing what I love.

My imagination has already started driving the bus full speed into this fall pop-up. I have no idea where the themes come from for my shows, but a French market seems like a fabulous place to go!

Aww, my sweet little Nest! Like all business owners, I have days when drudgery can take the shine off. But whenever I walk through the doors of my shop, the aroma of candles, lavender, sprays and soaps from the last event still linger, and I’m instantly in love all over again. She’s mine, warts and all! She has taught me patience and at times broken my spirit, but she is here to teach the things I still need to learn – much more than how to balance a budget.

It’s about the impact on the human spirit, showing up for people. It’s not about the perfect plate or basket for someone, it’s about their story, their dogs, kids, grandchildren, illnesses, births, losses and marriages….

I have found in all of you a little bit more about me. And it has nothing to do with stocking the shelves.


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  1. Love this I fell the same way. Fall is the most wonderful time of year and I change everything out for the season ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Can’t wait to hear the dates for your Fall French Market and to make plans for another jaunt down the Delta! SO enjoyed your last event!

  3. Love your words.. thoughts… and vision. As we anticipate the leaves turning color into all the warm hues of Fall I too welcome a shorter crisper day. Looking forward to gathering our growing posse of girlfriends and heading to Walnut Grove for your Winsome Nest French fall showing. We are blessed by your talent Liz.
    See you soon~

    Julie Law

  4. Betty and I loved meeting you and visiting! We are looking forward to coming in the Fall! My favorite season! 🍂🍁🍂
    ❤️ YaYa Michelle.

  5. You have such a beautiful way with words. I adore autumn’s rustle of leaves, the colours of the vineyards, and the gentleness of the season. Of course, most of all, I look forward to seeing YOU and what you have in store for us! XoX

  6. It is Always such a Pleasure to see your email as I know an event will be coming soon!!! I am excited about the fall event and of course, I cannot wait to visit with you again! Love and Hugs!

  7. Such a creator you are no matter what environment you are in and that is because you are yourself!!!!
    Here here Miss Liz!!
    Can’t wait❤️

  8. I always feel such a loss at the end of summer yet welcome that first burst of fall when it arrives! Enjoying the smatterings of fall colors ,pumpkins and cozy blanket throws! I wait with such anticipation for your magical fall pop up ! It’s like falling through the rabbit hole into a dream! See you there❤️🍁🌾

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